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A lot of marketing is common sense. Unfortunately, common sense really isnít that common.

Although marketing isnít rocket science, itís crititical to the success of your company. To me, the most important part of marketing is
information gathering. Almost always, as I learn more about a project, a good solution starts to unveil itself.
    So, whether itís building awareness for learning disability programs (Einstein may have had a learning disability growing up!), increasing membership for a botanical garden, re-branding a public radio station and introducing a format change (with the help of a talented local artist), re-branding a regional theatre company,

communicating updates on alternative medicine approaches, launching an on-line gourmet dog bakery, branding and organizing a charitable golf tournament and special events, or promoting digital accessibility on an international level ... the marketing solutions were tailored to the specific goals and challenges of that project.
Life is like a butterfly.

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