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If it works in Shanghai

Marketing in Shanghai, international summits in Tunisia, hot air balloon promotions in Zimbabwe.

My experience working with various cultures in international environments has fostered
flexibility, determination, and a positive approach to everyday problems and opportunities. That same can-do approach will be directed to the issues facing your company or organization.
    For more than 20 years, Iíve worked effectively in international settings. While organizing the logistics and hands-on turn-key management of hot air balloon promotional expeditions in places ranging from Battle Creek and Albuquerque to Japan and Zimbabwe,

Iíve dealt successfully with executives from major corporations, government bureaucrats, and the news media.
    I lived in Shanghai, China for more than a year, handling marketing and advertising projects for a variety of multinational and local accounts. More recently, I took part in the United Nations accessibility summit in Tunis and organized conferences in Zurich and Japan for DAISY Consortium.
Life is like a butterfly.

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