The Save a Mammary (SAM) program

Save A Mammary (SAM) was a year-long anti-breast cancer awareness and educational program conducted for a regional medical center in rural Arkansas. Research on local cancer statistics
showed an alarming fact: the region had one of the highest cancer rates in the country. Yet, awareness of the risks of breast cancer in the area was abysmal and programs available for the at-risk group were virtually non-existent.
    Funded by the largest single grant ever from the state chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the program utilized awareness advertising in area media, educational seminars to at-risk audiences on site at numerous area employers and free mammography screenings to all women who attended the seminars.
    Overall, breast cancer awareness in the target audience was increased by 57%, over

400 mammography screenings were performed, and the program received a special commendation from the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
SAM publicity in TIME Magazine

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