Churchill quote

No matter what we’re doing, I want to know that we’re making a difference.

Throughout my career, I have always wanted to do more than work at a job. So, whether it was working as a loaned executive for United Way, managing promotional operations while flying hot air balloons in the wilds of southern Africa, or increasing awareness of breast cancer in rural
Arkansas – I have consistently been engaged in making a difference in people’s lives.
    Recently, I discovered beautiful caterpillars had invaded my backyard and decided that it was a great opportunity to see the metamorphosis up close. Voracious eaters, they went through an incredible amount of milkweed before spinning their cocoons about a week later. When the gorgeous Monarch butterflies started hatching

the following week, our home was surrounded by a symphony of color.
    Something about experiencing this mundane, yet wonderous renewal of life resonated with me. It seems to be the perfect example of what will happen when we dedicate ourselves to a mission. It takes focus, and passion, and know-how – but the end result can be a beautiful thing.
Life is like a caterpillar.

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